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THE Online Progressions Training is the next step in your professional journey, moving you forward in your work.

 This class is designed for you , the Foundations Graduate, who works with families and caregivers during the perinatal period.  We will go deeper into your work, deeper into the material we covered in our Foundations Training. We will add new subjects, and expand the overall body of knowledge you will use every day with the community you serve.

The class will be fun, interactive and professional!  

 PROGRESSIONS  will be offered 3 times each year as on ONLINE OPTION. Just like the ONLINE FOUNDATIONS TRAINING it will a combo of pre-recorded videos and live sessions. Which means you can prep and watch them on your own time before you start the live class component. Then come to the LIVE SESSIONS prepared to ask questions and put it into practice. 

In order to graduate you will also need to attend 4 LIVE SESSIONS and a create FINAL PROJECT (more on this further below) 

When you sign up for the training we ask you to join one LIVE SESSION COHORT (2021 dates coming soon) 

There will be optional office hours sprinkled through the training that is open to any one attending/graduated Progressions. 

We will have at least three session for 2021 which will be posted soon. 

 Office Hours are at the following dates (EST) more dates will be announced soon. 


Why take Progressions? Offering services that are valuable, relevant, timely, and accurate are vital to your families. Every few years I see shifts and trends in both the desires and needs of those we serve but the industry also changes. Progressions addresses and explores these changes in a way that allows you to offer current up-to-date information and techniques relevant to your clients. I am here to help you reach your goals, refill your bucket, deepen your work and broaden your role. I want you to succeed, and this course is about investing in yourself, your business, and your community. This online course gives you an opportunity to ’slow the journey’ for our time together and enrich your soul and your work; providing you inspiration and rejuvenation.

Those graduates who take Progressions leave the course ready to take action on their next project, adventure, and goals. They are building and growing their businesses. I find they are more knowledgeable, self-confident, and better able to present the material and project greater poise and certainty in themselves and their career.  I admire and respect their tenacity, grit, honesty and raw power as they continue to develop and work within their passion. I hope you will join me, for this next step in your journey. - Joanna


Is this online training for me? As a foundations graduate this course was meticulously designed for you, your work and your perspective.  I developed this course over several years, running multiple ‘beta courses’ to be confident the course will help you achieve your goals. 

This course is for you if:

  • You work with people daily, weekly, monthly.
  • You want to expand your learning.
  • You want to explore your work with others who have similar goals.
  • You want to grow your business, practice or reach.
  • You are looking for more knowledge and shared experiences.
  • You are serious about your work.
  • You believe extended contact throughout the first year is critical to the bonding, attachment, and development of the infant and family.

 Did you answer yes to most of these questions? If so, this training is for you!

 I would love to have you join me in this course. 💜


What can I expect to learn, explore, discuss and present at the training?

  • More carriers, carries, and techniques.
  • We will cover the current trends in our industry and clients.
  • We will go deeper into “How we know a baby expects to be carried” with infant, vestibular, and proprioception development.
  • We will discuss attachment styles, why it matters and how our work applies.
  • We will explore our "client-types" and the best ways to assist them.
  • We will have one-to-one time together to explore your goals and begin to move them forward.
  • We will delve into your clients and businesses as a way to strengthen our shared experiences.

Of course, there is more.  


What does this class layout look like?

We will have both online live sessions and self-guided work. Allowing you to be minimally 'wrapped up' during the day and still fit in the coursework around your (slightly modified) schedule. Having the luxury of doing this class online means:

  • you have more time to practice and digest the material
  • you have time to still manage parts of your daily life.
  • you have no traveling..unless you just choose to travel 😉

Hosting the class with LIVE sessions means you are held accountable, make the most of your investment, and you are actively working within a small group. Plus, I am there right beside you. Having self-guided work means we need less face to face time and you can choose when in your day to do that work!

  • Are you a morning person?  
  • A night person?
  • Do you have time before dinner?

Whenever it fits your day, you make the choice! Making the most of our time together is critical to walking away fulfilled, rejuvenated, and inspired for the next leg of the journey. I am here to help guide and teach you. My favorite thing to do.

Why did I create this course? I created this course for those who are truly passionate about working with babywearing and using it to support their customers, clients, and community as they transition into parenting their new child. As I continue to grow, learn and work with clients myself, I realize there is so much more I could share. The small class setting is my favorite style of teaching and learning, and this class takes advantage of that strength. Moving it online means I can teach you while still having dinner with my family and still do what I love. Win-Win. I would love to have you there by my side!

What are the prerequisites for PROGRESSIONS training?

You attended the FOUNDATIONS training and passed the written and practical exam and have received the title of TRAINED CBWS CONSULTANT.


What are the technical requirements?

  1. You must have access to a high-speed internet connection. We use Zoom Video Conferencing for the live session, and you will be on camera during all live sessions to interact and practice your carries. Zoom can be used on most operating system and works on smartphones and tablets. Your device needs to have a camera so you can interact with your classmates.
  2. You need to be comfortable with technology since the entire class is virtual. We will be using the following software, platforms, and apps: Zoom (Video)  Slack (Communication)   Instagram (Inspirational & Motivation - this is optional and highly recommended) and our Class Portal via the internet.
  3. We will host a 'tech and scheduling' webinar in mid January leading up after all they videos are posted.  It will be live and you will be able to ask your questions. Additionally, it will be recorded and available for replay.

Do I have to attend all the live sessions?

Yes, you must be available for all the live sessions and be present, actively listening, and participating. You will not be able to multi-task while doing the training. We ask you to remove any distraction(s) and give 100 percent during the live sessions. (See LIVE Session times above.)

What happened if I miss a live session?

We understand that things do happen and sometimes circumstances change. If you have to miss a live session or are unable to keep up with the class, then you will not be able to graduate with the rest of the group. This year we offer Progressions Live Session 3 times throughout of 2020.  You will have to choose a cohort but there is the opportunity to make up a class in a future session. 

PROGRESSION Office Hours are open for everyone taking or previously took

 Hosting an online class that has LIVE sessions is asking you to commit to yourself, me, and your classmates. Your project group would be without a partner and have more work and less experience to draw from should you be unable to commit fully. I recognize it may not be the way other online classes are done. However, you have been in class with me, and I am sure you would expect little else from me than my full attention and energy. All I ask is the same in return.


Will I get a manual?

Yes, you will receive all the material via the class portal which means the manual will come in a series of pdf's. They will only be available in this format. The new manual is workbook-style; this means you will get to fill in the blanks during self-guided and live interactive learning.

  1. Use a tablet and fill in blanks digitally (e.g., iPad and Apple Pencil)
  2. Print out as you need, and hand write your answers

What is the One-to-One Mentorship time?

Over the years I have learned that each person who takes Progressions is charting their own path. Throughout the class, you will be thinking about how you will implement what you are learning.


I want to help you to make the most of this experience. The private work sessions are about helping you direct your energy and thoughts so you will walk away ready to take the actions that will move you forward.

 Join me, and your fellow graduates, so we can grow together! ❤️


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