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New Years Weekend

The NEW YEARS ONLINE FOUNDATIONS Training  will meet every Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM. We starting February 6th and the last class will be March 20th 2021. (6 Weeks of lecture + 1 Week of Prep + Test) 

You want babywearing to be easy and fun! You want to help the people in your community utilize babywearing to make their lives more enjoyable! You want to feel confident teaching others the ins-and-outs of babywearing. You want to share the joy of connection to all those you work with by bringing babywearing into your work!

Join us for this in-depth exploration of babywearing and discover your ability to make this ancient practice exciting and intriguing for all your clients. 

Live Sessions: 

  • are interactive, hands-on, thought-provoking, an opportunity to connect with others in the class, and mandatory.
  • where we dig into practical techniques and making the material easy to add to your current work.
  • everyone's favorite part of the class.
  • Live Sessions are approxiamately 2.5 hours in length for a total of 5 hours each week. 
Pre-Recorded Sessions:
  • Are released every week as you move through the class.
  • Lecture material delivered in Keynote-style videos.
  • Allows for video-specific dialogue with Joanna and fellow students.
  • Over 9 hours of recorded video for you to watch when convenient for you broken up over six weeks.
  • Videos have slides, transcripts, and worksheets so you may make integrate the material into your life and work. 
A private one-to-one mentoring session where you will be able to discuss privately any questions, troubleshooting, or topics you wish. This bonus session allows us to ensure we are meeting your specific needs for the course. You will sign up for your time slot during your live training.
Should I plan for other time commitments?
You will need to set aside time for your written and skills testing at the end of our six weeks together. You will sign up for the skills assessment during your live training.


What's included in my Foundations Training?
You will receive digital copies of:

  • Transcripts of recorded videos
  • Workbook-style copy of the slides for recorded videos
  • Implementation note sheets for recorded videos
  • Logbook for tracking your consultations and classes
  • Detailed agenda of weekly and live sessions
  • Teaching aids to assist in your live-work

After you complete your Foundations course, you become a member of the CBWS community!

You will also receive the following perks:

  • Vibrant Private Facebook Community
  • Basic Listing on CBWS Consultant Locator 
  • Discount on future webinars and in-person trainings
  • Access to free monthly Office-Hours

What do I need on-hand to take the course?
This course is a hands-on course requiring you to have a few items readily available for each live session and practice throughout the week. 

(This is very important: you may incur an additional cost if you do not have these carriers already.) 

Suggested carriers to have on hand: 

  • 1 ring sling 
  • 1 soft structured carrier 
  • 1 stretchy wrap
  • 1 woven wrap
  • 1 meh dai
  • 1 weighted doll (6 to 8 lbs)
    • You may DIY one, or you may order a professionally-weighted doll directly from us. (Prices range from $120 to $140.) 

(This is the minimum you will need. You may have more if you choose, and we would encourage you to have several brands.)  

Must I attend all the live sessions?
Yes, you must be available for all the live sessions, present, actively listening and participating. You will not be able to multi-task while doing the live sessions. We ask you to remove any distraction(s) and give 100 percent during the live sessions.

What happens if I miss a live session?
We understand that things do happen, and sometimes circumstances change. If you have to miss a live session or are unable to keep up with the class, then you will not be able to schedule your practical test until you make up the hours. 
  • If you miss one session, we can connect you with a mentor to cover the material you missed. 
    • You would be able to make up one class with Jess. She charges $50/hour, based on how long it takes the two of you to cover the material. Sometimes people blow through it fast; others want more time to discuss. 
  • Should you need to miss more than one live session, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible so you may move to our next online session. 
    • You wouldn't be able to test until the classes are made up.
Are there breaks scheduled during Live class sessions? 
No, there are no scheduled breaks during the online live-class sessions. Class is swift-moving; and we can keep the hours to a minimum by not adding in scheduled breaks. 

What are the technical requirements?
  1. You must have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  2. We use Zoom Video Conferencing for the live session, and you will be on camera during all live sessions to interact and practice your carries.
    1. Zoom can be used on the most operating system and works on smartphones and tablets as well.
    2. Your device needs to have a camera so you can interact with your classmates.
  3. You need to be comfortable with technology since the entire class is virtual.
    1. We will be using the following software, platforms, and apps: Zoom (Video),
    2. Instagram (Inspirational & Motivation - this is optional and highly recommended)
    3. Our Class Portal via the internet.
  4. We offer free monthly office hours for all our graduates, and you may begin participating as soon as you sign up for your training!
    1. This is an excellent way to test out the technology.
Will I receive course materials?
Yes, you will have access to all the materials in .pdf format via the class portal. You receive a workbook-style copy of the slides of each recorded lecture, a transcript of the lectures, and an implementation note sheet. You also receive teaching aid you may print touse in your live-classes or consultations. 
  1. Use a tablet and fill in blanks digitally (e.g., iPad and Apple Pencil)
  2. Print out as you need, and handwrite your answers. 

Do you accept any other payment options?
Yes,  Just let us know! We can accept PayPal.

  • eMail [email protected] with the training you want to take and your PayPal email address. 

General Description of our Core Course FOUNDATIONS

Foundations is our core course, a program built to cover the most essential information you will need to start, grow, and add to an existing business. The Center for Babywearing Studies focuses on high-quality training specifically designed to create a well-rounded babywearing consultant who can assist others. The skills of teaching and creating a positive environment are critical to the success of the consultant, and we will prepare you for that journey.

During the course you will:

  • Learn how to teach others to wear baby carriers: Ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, meh dai, and SSCs (soft structured carriers), plus a few knots.
  • Examine the physiological and psychological aspects of infant carrying.
  • Identify how to assist someone in discovering what makes a suitable carry/carrier for themselves.
  • Discover and recognize the importance of a systematic approach to working with others.
  • Understand our core principles, which will guide you as you meet each new parent.
  • Design your own concept for your work and implementation into your current situation or the creation of a new business.
  • Explore sensitive listening, and it’s importance in successful consultations.
  • Learn what babywearing safety means, how to bring this into your work with clients, and why it's essential to be clear and factual.
  • Plus much more!

Our Foundations Course is ideal for anyone working with new parents, parents to be, adoptive and foster parents, or infant caregivers, including:

  • Doulas
  • Nurses
  • Child-life specialists
  • Social Workers
  • Lactation Professionals and Peer Support Volunteers
  • Midwives
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Babywearing Enthusiasts 
  • Babywearing Group Leaders
  • Retail Store Staff
  • Baby Carrier Manufacturers

This class has a lot of hands-on training and time for discussion of particular issues and concerns for your situation.

Whether your focus will be exclusively on babywearing or you will be adding babywearing as an additional resource for your existing clientele, Foundations can help you build the skills you need to be successful.

We have unparalleled insight into the unique needs of teaching babywearing to individuals and groups. Foundations will help you to provide your clients/customers with a great base of instruction and provide consistency across your group/staff.

You will walk away with the ability to connect faster, deeper, and gain the trust of your clients so they may make the most of their babywearing journey. 

Any questions? Email [email protected] 


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