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We just birthed a new online training: Newborn Babywearing

trainings Aug 01, 2020

We are excited to move this training finally online, and we have a special price for this week only (until August 7th) 

Working with new parents, parents-to-be, and caregivers is rewarding. It also continuously evolves and you have to keep up with all the latest aspects of your job!

Many professionals struggle to master the baby carrier 'trend' and in doing so have missed a key way to assist their clients in a smooth transition to parenthood.

We don't believe babywearing is a 'trend.'

Babywearing is an essential tool in assisting the caregiver and the baby adjust to the new reality of life outside of the womb. Use babywearing to make your work more impactful for those you work with, and use it yourself when you are caring for an infant!

  • More parents are buying carriers.
  • More parents plan to use their carrier in the early weeks.
  • Parents expect babywearing to be easy.
  • Parents expect you to know how to use carriers.

The sheer number of options available can be overwhelming to...

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