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Babywearing Unfiltered: Babywearing Outerwear Series

babywearing unfiltered Sep 22, 2020

It's that time of year again... 

The leaves are beginning to change colors, the chill is in the air, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned to coffee shops everywhere. Fall has been officially ushered in!

What else does fall bring with it? Sweater weather, or more specifically, babywearing outerwear weather! That's right - we are about to dive headfirst into babywearing jackets, coats, and covers.

photo credit: CarryLittleHearts

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 Post by Jessica  Follow her on instagram @carrylittlehearts if yo.u want to chat babywearing outerwear


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Babywearing Unfiltered: An Eco-Friendly Leader since 1972

babywearing unfiltered Jul 24, 2020

*photo credit to Didymos; Tina Hoffman, CEO 

As a consumer, readily seeing transparency in the things that I am buying is very important to me. It can be the difference between a quick, cursory browse and an in-depth look at a product. When the product that I’m searching for happens to be something for my children then the guidelines for excellence become far greater. I make no exceptions when looking at baby carriers, either, especially since they come into direct contact with both of our bodies. I look for things that are free of additives and toxic chemicals, fiber choices that are ethically and sustainably sourced, and manufacturing practices that are fair, transparent, and go all the way through the processing chain. 

The first wrap that I ever purchased was a wool-blend Didymos Stendhal. When I went on the research hunt (or down the rabbit hole, as they say) I only had one thing in mind: I wanted eco-friendly wool! (Fun fact about me: I LOVE WOOL. It is...

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Babywearing Unfiltered: The Small Weaver

babywearing unfiltered Jun 02, 2020

The Small Weaver - How a Single Person Can Make a Difference

 UPDATE: We have a fantastic instagram live recorded and you can watch it here

When Kim Taylor first began entertaining the idea of launching her own weaving business, she knew before it ever became a reality that everything would be created from eco-friendly materials. At home her family is thrifty, utilizing simple items such as reusable grocery bags and limiting their use of things like single-use plastics. Bringing that mindset into her business was a natural move. 

 She found babywearing after having her third child; with two other little ones running around she decided that she needed to be hands-free to be more hands-on. After trying out a few of the standard, box store buys but still not finding what she was looking for, she came across a woman wearing a long piece of woven cloth and she knew that she needed to find one for herself. Thus began her journey searching for the ‘winning...

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Babywearing Unfiltered: Sustainability

babywearing unfiltered Jun 01, 2020

I became a babywearing educator not long after my daughter was born. It had brought so much comfort and stability to our daily lives that I knew I wanted to help others find that sense of joy and contentment. And since those early days, I have worn my children everywhere - through many airports, on family hikes when little feet were too tired to walk, at the grocery store during nap-time, and around our house on a daily basis.

But I can still remember what it was like to try to find babywearing businesses outside of big box stores; search engine results were typically a Facebook link and not much else. After I launched my consulting business, I added ‘help people find companies a little easier’ to the long list of to-dos that I had made for myself. Fast-forward 6 years and my passion for babywearing has turned into a profession that I love, and I am still striving to help the Babywearing community wherever I can. And my to-do list just keeps getting longer!


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