Want to add babywearing to your career?  

A CBWS Babywearing Certification will give you the confidence to teach what you love. 


Whether you are starting a new business, want to add babywearing instruction to your existing services, or share with your community, this course is for you.


At CBWS, we have unparalleled insight into the unique needs of teaching babywearing to individuals and groups. Whether your focus will be exclusively on babywearing or you will be adding babywearing as an additional resource for your existing clientele, Foundations can help you build the skills you need to be successful. 

Our six week certification course will give you the confidence to help new parents choose, use, and troubleshoot their baby carriers. You will walk away with the ability to connect faster, deeper, and gain the trust of your clients so they may make the most of their babywearing journey. 

What sets our Foundations course apart? 

Proven Curriculum

Over 1000 educators have benefitted from our systematic approach to babywearing education. 

Small Class Size

Course enrollment is capped at 15 students to ensure you get a personalized experience. 

Career Oriented

Create a framework for incorporating babywearing education into your current work or in a new business.

a woman and a man smile at each other while they place dolls into ring sling carriers

Some of the information you'll learn in our high-quality training

  • Technical use of the carriers most popular in today’s market
  • How to help families find the carriers that work best for their needs
  • The art of teaching parents how to use or troubleshoot their baby carrier
  • How to create a trauma-informed positive learning environment
  • Summaries of relevant research to help you understand the science of infant touch and development and its relation to infant carrying
  • Core principles to guide you as you meet each new parent
  • The art of “sensitive listening” and how to apply it during babywearing consultations
  • Best practices in infant positioning for both ergonomics and optimal physiological support
  • How to address questions about babywearing safety in a clear and factual way

Ready to get started?  

Enrollment is limited to 15 students per class, so courses fill up fast.